Adventure is the spice of life. There’s something thrilling about going on a new adventure, experiencing something you’ve never experienced before and exploring the unknown, Its who we are. But adventures can be expensive, and not everyone can afford to go on them. That’s why we decided to launch raffle competitions locally, to give people the chance to go on adventures they may not otherwise be able to afford.

Personally my love of adventure began when I were young. I have been on trips to different parts of the world, and I would always be mesmerised by the beauty of nature and the excitement of exploring new places. As I grew older, I realized that not everyone had the opportunity to go on such adventures. And even for those who could afford it, there was always the challenge of finding the time and resources to plan and execute a trip.

That’s when the idea of launching getaway competitions came to us. We wanted to give people the opportunity to experience the thrill of adventure without having to worry about the cost or planning. With Getaway Competitions, people could enter for a chance to win an adventure trip or experience. And the best part? The cost of the trip would be covered entirely by the raffle ticket sales.

We started small, organising a raffle competition for a long weekend in Barcalona. We advertised the competition locally and people loved it,  before we knew it, we had hundreds of entries. The winner was thrilled to have won the trip, and we were happy to have been able to provide the opportunity for someone to go on an adventure.

Since then, we’ve organised another competition to the Algarve, which then led us to the point of creating a website, socials and doing live draws, which we have spent the last few months setting up ready for a summer of adventure, our plan now is to create more competitions, each one bigger and more exciting than the last. 

Launching raffle competitions locally has not only allowed us to pursue our love of adventure but has also allowed us to give back to the community. We’ve been able to provide opportunities for people to do things they may not have been able to do otherwise, and that is a great feeling. I encourage anyone who loves adventure and to get involved. It only takes one ticket, good luck.